Saturday Morning

Every Saturday morning, AWMI conducts a morning prayer session for the AWMI Leadership Team from 6 am to 7 am. The session is led by Pastor Daphne Germain, Rev./Dr. Esther St. Louis, and Mrs. Chelicia Norgaisse

The benefits of praying for the leadership of AWMI and the 50 States of the USA & the 5 Continents are:

  1. Praying for leaders can help promote a sense of unity and cooperation among people of different backgrounds, faiths, and political persuasions.
  2. It can encourage leaders to make decisions that are fair, just, and compassionate.
  3. Praying for leaders can help to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the communities they serve.
  4. It can help leaders to stay focused and grounded in their values and priorities.
  5. Praying for leaders can provide comfort and support during times of crisis or uncertainty.
  6. It can help individuals to develop empathy and compassion for those in positions of power.
  7. Praying for leaders can promote a sense of personal responsibility and encourage individuals to take action to make positive change in their communities.
  8. It can help individuals to develop a deeper sense of faith and trust in God’s plan and purpose for the world.
  9. Praying for leaders can help to promote a culture of accountability and transparency in government and other institutions.
  10. It can help to foster a sense of hope and optimism for the future.